I aspire to move into administration some day.  I didn't care when I began my career if I ever left the classroom I was in until I retired, but the longer I've worked with other teachers and worked to improve my own practice, the more I realize the impact a true building or district leader can have on students.  I've been privileged to work with several great examples in my district over several years.  One of my best friends is (in my humble opinion) one of the best area administrators in a nearby district.  However great the examples, one nagging thought holds me back: will I be any good at it?

    Woven Thoughts

    I believe we learn from each other, from reflection and from being honest.  I'm combining those elements here.  As I reflect and share my honest thoughts, I expect they spark reflection and comment from others that in turn helps me clarify my thinking.  Thanks in advance for learning with me.


    June 2010